Dr Adrian Miles (melbourne .au)

Associate Professor Adrian Miles is co–director of the non/fictionLab, and Deputy Dean Learning and Teaching in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University, in Melbourne, Australia. He was formerly the Program Director of the consilience Honours lab. He has also been a senior new media researcher in the InterMedia Lab at the University of Bergen, Norway. His academic research on hypertext and networked interactive video is widely published. Research interests include hypertext, new pedagogies for media education, digital humanities and media, digital video poetics, interactive documentary, and computational nonfiction. There is a strong theoretical theme through all this work (Deleuze's cinema philosophy, recent research on new materialism, and avatars of these.) He was the first or second person in the world to videoblog.


I welcome enquiries from students wanting to do innovative and difficult theoretical and project based work in interactive nonfiction, cinema studies, hypertext, and new media. This theoretical work wants to use recent materialist philosophies to reconsider media forms and practices, and to shift nonfiction from theories of representation toward concepts of action in/upon the world. Current work includes developing ideas around what I'm provisionally titling 'computational nonfiction', and using Deleuze's cinematic sensory motor schema as a model for interactivity. Key theorists include bits and bobs of Bergson, Deleuze, Barad, Latour, Bryant, Bogost, Parikka.

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