Quickened: A Video iBook

With contributions from Jennifer Proctor, Kath O'Donnell, Matt Soar, Seth Keen, and Will Luers. Designed, curated, created and edited by Adrian Miles

First published by Axon: Creative Explorations



This experimental creative work has been designed for the iBook platform, which is only available on Apple’s iPad device. A non video and audio PDF edition has also been made available: The PDF version can be viewed in any recent copy of Adobe Acrobat (available here - http://get.adobe.com/reader/), simply download the PDF edition to your computer and open. The read the iBook edition:
  1. Download and once downloaded locate the file on your computer (it will be called quickened.ibooks)
  2. Open iTunes on your computer
  3. Drag the iBook file (quickened.ibooks) into iTunes (or, within iTunes under the file menu select Add to Library… and navigate to where the quickened.ibooks file is on your computer)
  4. iTunes will automatically recognise that it is an iBook and place it in the Books library within iTunes
  5. Attach your iPad and synchronise via iTunes
  6. Once synchronisation is completed Quickened will be listed on the bookshelf inside the iBooks application on your iPad (iBooks is a free app and available here - https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/ibooks/id364709193?mt=8
  7. Touch to open and begin reading