vogmae my catalogue come collection come collation of my projects and research into network literacies, online video, and cinematic hypertext


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The projects collected here represent my practice. A lot of this work was done in the early days, before I actually realised that I had a specific practice, and so was not documented. This means for many of the projects that have since retired, died, or fallen into disrepair there is often now visual documentation (for instance screenshots) at all. My practice has, to date, consisted of three main activities. The first has been the the provision of tools or services that have supported various practices or communities online. This includes things like the Bowerbird Hypertext Search Engine, hosting blogs for other academics, or various email announcement lists for other groups. The second has been the use of things like hypertext (for example Storyspace, Tinderbox and generic HTML) to write and publish academic writing that exploits or at least explores the affordances of these technologies of writing. And finally, the third has been the creative and critical work around video blogging which has seen the maintenance of a video blog since 2000 as a key aspect of my research and creative practice. The main thing that has characterised all of this activity is my use, appropriation, and re-use of existing technologies. I am not a developer of new systems so much as someone who is network and digitally literate and able to repurpose or exploit what's available to achieve small scale outcomes. The motto's always been 'available technologies for appropriate practices' where 'available' has generally meant, off the shelf, and 'appropriate' means generating something new that supports existing or novel outcomes or practices - I have never been interested in using these technologies to do what we did before, just differently.