MFA-PhD Dual Degree Program (DAVR) | School of Theater, Film and Media Arts

Part of the recent move to PhDs and the non ‘terminal’ MFA in the US:

The MFA-PhD Program in Documentary Arts and Visual Research (DAVR) is a unique dual degree program in theory and practice for students who have completed a MFA program, have well defined goals, and wish to expand their theories and methods of inquiry through doctoral level research.

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(5) CfP 8th NMs conference – Environmental Humanities and New Materialisms: The Ethics of Decolonizing Nature and Culture – June 7-9 2016 – Paris, France | Iris van der Tuin and Flaminia PADDEU –

Would love to get to this but pretty certain my 2017 budget and schedule isn’t going to allow it….

Environmental Humanities and New Materialisms: The Ethics of Decolonizing Nature and Culture

Keynote speakers: Bruno Latour (SciencesPo), Angela Mitropoulos (University of Western Sydney), Rosi Braidotti (Utrecht University), TBC

We are immersed in matter, invaded by streams of living and technological subjects. Our bodies are exchanged, extended and interconnected in myriad different ways. The New Materialisms investigate the incessant materialization of the world. Matter is not a stable substance, neither localizable nor identifiable through clearly defined boundaries. Within both human and nonhuman environments, social and biological ontologies, everything exists in a constant state of change and materialization. The New Materialisms offer an alternative literacy with which to address the task proposed by the political consideration of the relations of difference, as well as those of divides. In the specific terms of feminist scholarship, this literacy has emerged as a “quantum literacy”, offering a significant turn for critical and creative discourses. Yet quantum literacy also possesses relevance beyond feminist theory, as a tool for all of those who are interested in conceiving more adequate terms for expressing knowledge production and the ethical terms of life and nature itself (Bühlmann, Colman & Van Der Tuin, 2016). The political agenda of this literacy offers a number of strategies for the conceptualization of entities and events (for example, migration and refuge; border control and actions of militarism; climate change and ecology), and for wider knowledge production across the sciences and humanities. As such, the New Materialist turn and its provocations coalesce as part of a paradigmatic shift currently occurring in the environmental humanities, and media and technology studies – across the humanities and the sciences – some of which are articulated under the concepts explored in post-capitali
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Live Commentary, White People’s Rap

The Guardian has a list of 23 best Cometti commentary lines. As an example:

On former Melbourne, Sydney and Collingwood ruckman Darren Jolly:
Jolly gets it to Green. Where’s the giant?

The wit, playfulness, and that it is simply football commentary (in southern Australia our football is perhaps closest to American baseball in terms of its cross cultural, cross class, everydayness).