• “Full motion sound and video!” The station wall did its best to make a video screen yelling advertisements seem like a magic new invention (and not the bad TV that it is).
  • smiling eyes and curving petite lips of people texting rocking to train’s cadence. My, there are stories amongst those dimples.
  • Joseph Arthur’s “Lou”.


  • gaggle teenage boys peacocking private school livery sitting behind me. Cricket season has started.
  • turning toward a window does not make your mobile phone conversation intimate. Not seeing us does not mean we cannot hear you.
  • they stood, crowded under the awning in school grey. It wasn’t their breath but cigarette smoke that was back lit by the morning sun, blue in the crisp light.


  • sitting in my study, at home with its splendid Eltham modernist squatness, the concatenation of rain and metal is suprisingly affective.
  • it is a day of tea and interrupted unwelcomeness.
  • brittle, resilient, brittle, resilient. Metronomic really.

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