miscellenaous moments that once were nomadic

Several of the previous posts were all done from Zurich airport via a bit of paid up wireless time. Several of the ones prior

networked knowledge objects

The term ‘knowledge object’ is used to describe an experience. It is not intended to suggest that knowledge is a

post conference wind down up

On Friday night over dinner our minor blogging posse toasted our meeting and wondered out aloud what an appropriate toast for bloggers ought to be. I suggested permadrink.

mountain walking

On Friday Sebastian and I didn’t so much try a blogwalk as a mountain wander, discussing process based learning. blogs, teaching and learning strategies and the like. We went up the Monte Bré funicular, and then walked down to the village of Bré and then into the mountains proper. We ended up at the summit of Monte Boglia, around 1500m, and the view was simply awesome. This is the sort of place you ought to go to to think.

While we were resting two others walked up. As we got up to leave someone calls out “Adrian”. Turns out the other two walkers were also conference escapees, and one of them knew me from InterMedia Bergen. I don’t know if that means it is a small world, big world, or only that of course there’d be a couple of Norwegians up the top of a mountain. But it was an intriguing intersection of worlds.

post panel

A couple of hours after the weblogging panel. Things to remember; transparencies set in OS X in keynote or powerpoint don’t translate to PCs (obvious in retrospect since transparency relies on the Quartz rendering engine). This destroyed my slides. Don’t read a theoretical paper, just talk to 4 or 5 key ideas and leave it that. People will fill in the gaps themselves, or will ask. We started with a good crowd, ten minutes into my talk we lost a quarter. Too theoretical, and complex, partly as a result of reading the presentation. This lost too many people

(on the other hand I’m struck by how most of the work presented here are just reports on projects, there appears to be very little work that interrogates things. For example while there have plenty of presentations about why all the learning systems aren’t being used, or aren’t being used as intended, but these don’t seem to recognise things from usability studies or for that matter basic cultural studies about users come audiences. Larger, harder questions seem to be treated as surface artefacts or effects.)

which was unfortunate. Sebastian came next, did a much better presentation, and then we finished with Lilia. It was a lot of material so we had a break then returned with an audience of probably 20 and had a very high quality 50 minute discussion that could have gone for considerably longer. As Sebastian said, the audience might have been small but it was a high quality audience.

Key outcomes: a high level of interest in the possible use of blogs, confusion about how or why you would use them, questions and problems about how to encourage, foster and nurture their use with disinterested or resistant students, confusion and a difficulty in showing the distributed nature of blogging (something that I have to add to my presentation). It is clear that outside of Mortenson and Walker’s original essay on blogs the literature is surprisingly thin (outside of blogs) on a pedaogical ‘plan’ for the use of blogs that a novice blogger might use. The specific problem with this is that blogs are very much like design education – you have to learn by doing it.


Well, I don’t have a lot to link to but safely arrived in Lugano. Humid, overcast, pretty. Enormous conference, rumoured to be 1500 people here, but it’s spread across two venues and multiple sessions so it seems much less crowded than it could be. Have hung out with Sebastian and Lilia working out how to run our symposium come panel tomorrow. Heard some interesting things but, well, all academics should learn more than they know about being teachers I’m not sure EdMedia is the place I’d send them. It’s interesting how disciplinary boundaries lead to lacunae. (More on this when my battery isn’t about to die…)

As I said. It’s a pretty place. Quiet, small, I think my model of Switzerland so far is that it is a boutique. And you have to careful because you might break something.


I’m leaving for EdMedia today so there may be no activity here for over a week… I think there might be some wireless available at the conference, so if there is I’ll post from Lugano, otherwise, its academic conversations, serious mountains, and probably chocolate.

from fibreculture

An interesting thread has been going on at Fibreculture, which like so many lists now seems to splutter to life intermittently

a videoblog essay from .no

Jon is currently writing an essay about videoblogs. He keeps an impressive blog and with his interests in education, blogs, and media it should be an excellent read. Perhaps he could be prompted for an abstract? :-) Unfortunately while I was working at InterMedia I never met Jon, though we were both in Bergen. Pity and not sure why or how that happened. Smaller circles in a small community.

videoblog wiki

Over at me-tv.org there is a videoblog wiki. I recently set up a wiki where I was going to start putting a lot of vog related stuff but now I’ll use this one. It is an excellent initiative and it is time to really kick start this thing along. Unbeknowest to me turns out there is another manifesto too. This is a conversation I will return to.

Possibly useful

This is an article in First Monday on blogs in the classroom (found via weblogged-ed). This is useful for the knetlit project, as well as the paper I’m finishing up on blogs as reflective, disruptive practice as part of EdMedia 2004.


Aisling Kellher and co at MIT are working on a Nokia interface for vogging. They’ve got a mupe server up and running and some test movies to have a look at.