Student Work

Due to illness’ I am now officially two weeks behind in assessing student work. This means the computer system where I e

Interview in Brazil

There’s an article on videoblogging in a Brazilian newspaper, Folha, well the online edition anyway. covers several screens, and parts of an email interview with me are included. It’s by Juliano Barreto and starts here, and is in Portugese.

EPIC 2014

EPIC 2014, from the Museum of Media History, circa 2014. Nice flash piece that I will certainly be using as an example to stud

Vogbrowser Beta

Kenyatta has built a prototype vogbrowser. There’s a brief discussion on his blog. Don’t like the idea of Flash, at all.

Old Anxieties

Via Collin this article from a librarian about how blogs (and wikis) allow all unsullied opinions to exist out there. What I like is the fear and loathing hidden away in the “Actual knowledge is purely optional”.

Another Sickie

At home this Thursday, feeling sick and sorry for myself. Slight fever, night sweats, a throat that is red raw. What I thought was going to be a minor day off has turned into four days away from work. My well intended time management plans are now awry. The body, just another vehicle for noise.

Sick Week

Been quiet around here lately. Been looking after my sick daughter, Sophie, all this week, and of course I now have the throat infection come viral fever that she had. There goes all that I was going to finish this week (and it was supposed to be a week involving quite a few finishings).

What I like though is that I haven’t had an issue just stopping everything and looking after Sophie. Once upon a time I think I would have felt almost imposed upon, since I do have quite a lot of work that is becoming urgent. But, my daughter’s ill. I know that sounds ghastly and a sure sign of being a workaholic. And a disturbing lack of perspective. But I’m getting one.

Job in VideoBlog Land

From videoblogging:

We await the outcomes of this with interest!

Electronic Book Review and First Person

First Person has extended, or at least made literal, the visual metaphor used in its book design. Rewind that. First Person is an anthology of essays on new media and related fields. Visually it is designed to appear a bit like a web page, tab like elements appear on each page to indicate where in the book architecture you are, and invited responses trail across the bottom of each page offering metacommentary.

Well, they’ve made that literal by inviting further commentary and then publishing this online via the Electronic Book Review. I was fortunate enough to be invited to write a response to the Hypertext and Interactives section, and it is now available.

Varacast: QT Tools for the Rest of Us

Videocue and Wirecast are two products from Vara Software. I’ve trialling Videocue for vogging, though I think it will only do text tracks, and Wirecast looks ideal for a project I was going to work on which involved building a QT conferencing tool. That these tools are now appearing is a great indication of the very near future. Most people don’t know you can have text tracks in QT, here’s a commercial product that does it, simply, easily, and (I’m about to see) successfully. Not sure if it supports hrefs.

The Beginning

From the videoblogging list I found about this: It is a ‘movie’ made up of photos that have a common metadata tag attached. This is exactly the sort of thing that we need to start doing for video blogs. The url was sent by Ryan Shaw, the email conversation is cited below.

Adrian Miles wrote:

>if you want audience, serialisation, and ‘shows’ go for it, use
>syndication. i think using aggregation to achieve this is 1000% more
>interesting than centralising which is what the above sort of models.
>blogs work because they’re decnetralised. why reintroduce old media
>structures into a distributed network that works because *all* bits are
>this is where the rss/aggregation stuff is critical. imagine we all made
>a 60 second bit called “Christmas” and then aggregated that. that’s a
>show. that’s a new sort of show and that is what we ought to be worrying

I totally agree. It is very close, I think. Today I found this:

It’s a collaborative movie. A very abstract one, but that’s what the tools are limited to now. But it’s amazing what can be done even given the limitations we have now.

So, let’s do this. We should work out a theme and invite contributions and aggregate those. This is certainly a project that I’ve already planned to do with students in 2005. Let’s invent a new genre of video come vog, the aggregated program.

Because Otherwise I’ll Loose It is a site that accesses cheap accommodation at hotels around Australia. Seems to provide standby rates, and there are excellent bargains and it’s a good way to find cheaper somewhere to stay when travelling, etc. Stuck it in the blog otherwise I’ll just lose the bloody thing.