BlogTalk Prototype 3

UPDATE: There’s a bug in the browser plugin. The video starts playing before all of Michael’s video has downloaded. The grey progress bar that hangs around in the video window, once that is solid grey then all of Michael’s video has arrived. Until then clicking on some of the numbers will load the wrong bits. Works fine in QT player (in QT player under File, Open URL, load,

It’s done. Here it is. More notes coming soon. It is a 3.1Mb parent movie, and it loads in Michael Verdi’s 19MB Vlog Anarchy and, depending on what you ask for, any of my 14 commentaries. Depending on your network it may take a while before it starts playing, simply because it can’t really work until Michael’s video has arrived.

This works in QT 6 and 7, but I’ve only tested it on OS X 10.3.x so YMMV.

If I get permission, I’m preparing a ‘lighter’ version of the work, so that it isn’t so bandwidth intensive. I’m also writing up a description of the work, but right now I want home.

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