One Down.

Well, got the promotion application done. Runs to 32 pages and 15,000 words. Jesus H. Christ, as we say around here. That̵

That Week

There won’t be much happening here this week. Even though there are comments to reply to, interesting posts elsewhere, a

There’s Subscription, and Then There’s Subscription

Gavin Sade is someone I met in Sydney at BlogTalk DownUnder. Jeremy told me to make sure I met him, so I did. (And on the plane up James was wondering about this Gavin guy who had this g-one name on this stuff. I explained that just meant he was a sound artist. They all have handles. I still don’t know why.)

Anyway, Gavin gave a fantastic paper on using CMS’s in a design studio. But he also runs clippings.reblog where he reads god knows how many RSS feeds every day (it is a lot) and runs them through his own system which quickly keeps what is worth keeping and send the rest for chaff. This, in turn, becomes a meta RSS feed. This sort of inserts Gavin into this intriguing cybernetic relay where he harvests or farms all this stuff, via RSS, mines it and then republishes the results. A bit of human sense amongst all these other nodes of human sense that lie between a lot of machine. His blog is well worth a read, too.

Quality and Quantity

One of the things I concentrated on, directly and indirectly, last semester, was the distinction between quality and quantity.

Material Pleasures

My PowerBook is provided by RMIT. It comes out of lease right about… Now. I am due to get a nice new 15″ which has

Monday, Winter, Indeterminancy

It’s Monday morning. I’ve spent nearly 18 months trying to sell the car I can no longer afford (I know I once wrot

Rhizome One, the Movie

Kristian Nilsson (from Malmø, just over the sound from Copenhagen), has made a movie based on I hope she (and

Rhizome One Bug (That Isn’t)

Rhizome One doesn’t syndicate via RSS. This is because it has two child movies that are loaded via a relative URL into the parent movie. It plays just fine in a web browser, because the parent movie lives in the right place relative to the child movies. In RSS the parent video is downloaded to the client and so the relative link is broken.

To fix this, upload everything in the usual way, then open in QT Player (you need Pro for this) from off the web server. Save it as a reference movie. Embed the reference movie into your web page, and your RSS feed. The reference movie will always get the original content, where the relative relations to the child movies are preserved.

EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers

This has turned up. It’s written with the United States in mind, so some of it is not applicable in other places, but th

rhizome one

This is a quick piece just to show rhizome one, which is available for you to download and make your own vogs with. It is foot

Commentary Fourteen

These are nearly-not-quite transcripts of the commentaries I have made in the BlogTalk DownUnder quote prototype.

What is missing? Urls, date and time of entry, comments, a heading, trackback, access to the original post. This prototype isn’t posed as an answer but another question along the way.

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Enough is Never Enough

I’ve been making interactive sketches in interactive QuickTime for nearly 5 years. Irregular, but each one is conceived of as, more or less, a proposition about a different sort of video practice. A video practice that is appropriate for, and expands upon, what a networked, interactive video practice might (or should) be.

There are numerous problems with this work, not the least of which is that it is easy to confuse these sketches as something other than sketches. I think each of them proposes serious, intriguing, and rich possibilities for fiction and non fiction narrative. However, each of them is formalist, because they have been conceived of as needing to foreground their own formal properties and processes to make these properties visible, but each then gets mistaken as only being about reflexive and formalist possibilities. In other words narrative is secondary so that narrative doesn’t confuse what these works do. (Flash has the same problem, except there it is being seduced by frictionless interface that seduces everyone, content disappears into slicked up frictionless vectors of response.)

I am not a designer. I am not a narrative film maker.

I am a proposer and builder of propositions and problems.

Here is the first rhizome movie. To participate you need to download it. Build some parts of it yourself, and then publish it via your own video blog. Please email me ( if you do this. I am making available a very simple prototype (engine) for others to use. More will follow.

What is it? What does it do?

Download the archive file available at the end of this post. When opened you’ll see that it consists of three things. A QuickTime movie, a folder, and a readme file. The readme file more or less contains the same information presented here. The QuickTime movie ( is an interactive movie. It is very simple in how it works. When played it will load two videos into itself, and it will play these two along side each other, so that you will see one movie which is made of two video panes next to each other. It will play these continuously, and they will loop. Moving your mouse into one of these will turn on the soundtrack of that particular movie, mousing into the other will turn on the soundtrack of that one.

For this to work you must place the two videos you want played into the folder that is in the same directory as This folder is called media. One of the videos must be called and the other must be called (If you don’t name them this then will not work, it is scripted to find movies called and inside the folder called media.) These videos should be 160 x 120 pixels in dimension. (Yes, you could make them bigger than this but this is how big they will be displayed in this movie, and making them bigger just wastes everyone’s time and bandwidth.)

These videos can be compressed any way you wish, can be of any duration, but they must be named as described. (You can compress them as mpeg4 and then turn them into .mov’s, email me if you don’t know how.) Once you’ve assembled it, publish it in your blog in the usual way. All the files and folders must be uploaded to your server account, not just

What do I do with it?

I am posing the problem. You can ignore it. Or you can play with it. The movie simply plays two tracks at the same time independently of each other. One might be shot while you’re driving somewhere, the other might be the destination. One might be you talking about your girlfriend, the other your girlfriend talking about you. One might be a politician, the other a contrary view. They might both be songs. Or poems. Cinepoems.

So what’s the big deal?

These two movies are played in another independently of each other. They can have different durations. In all cinema, and nearly every video vlog, duration is fixed, your two minute vlog is a two minute vlog. If you now have two playing alongside each other, looping, with different durations, how long is your video now? If the story changes because your viewer mouses out and in, who is editing? What is an edit? This terrifies most film makers only because they assume and grant themselves the privilege of control. (With that attitude blogs could never have happened.) Give it up, be the maker of possibilities, not finalities.

rhizome one .sit archive (for os x)
rhizome one .zip archive (windows and os x)