Rhizome 4.0

Well, continuing the recent flurry of rhizome movie templates here’s number 4. This one:

  • has three child tracks, made up of two video and one sound track
  • mousing into either video mutes the other video, so if you want all to have sound, go for it (but you can’t mute the independent soundtrack)
  • mousing into a video pane slows the other video, this is exponential – the speed of the other video is 1/number of mouse entries
  • if you video has sound, that will be slowed as well
  • clicking the video window restores the other video window to normal speed

As with the other works which video and sound is loaded into this movie is controlled by its associated xml file (in this case rhizome4.xml).

In case you’re only just finding these for the first time. These QuickTime clips use QuickTime’s child movie feature. The rhizome movie file (rhizome4.mov) is more like a movie browser. When viewed it reads rhizome4.xml and loads the content indicated there. The rhizome movie then plays this content within the parent container. In this example it plays two different video files along side each other. They are completely independent of each other, so can have different durations, soundtracks, etc. In addition there is a soundtrack that is loaded as well.

These tracks can be any sort that QuickTime can view, and they can be located at any viable URL.

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2 thoughts on “Rhizome 4.0”

  1. This template breaks quite easily. You can slow the video down only a few times before quicktime chokes and “unexpectedly quits”.

    There is no such problem with rhizome 5…

    is there a reason the template might be able to handle speeding up better than slowing down?

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