‘Amateur’ Science Video Something

So, someone in Malmö and someone in the United States are using a blog and video to undertake an ‘amateur’ science investigation into I guess their worlds. They are proposing to use scientific scepticism to be ‘inquisitive about their surroundings’. In the process they are using a blog which has also used a rhizome movie.

if this makes sense to you

Something I found and deserves rementioning: if this makes sense to you: Sometimes the best way to find your peers is to start

Manifesto almost French

The Vogme manifesto is included in a French page about podcasting. If only it were in French, then I’d be all excited thinking that the French grok vogs.


For the teaching portfolio. My essay on blogs and documentary has been set as reading for some students at the Uni. of Auckland. This was in July, only just found out about it now! I guess no one dropped by to actually read it :-). I think it is a group class blog, but I’m not certain…

Useful WordPress Things

The Tamba2 WordPress Guide. Heap of tips, tricks, how tos.

Colin McEnroe

Courtesy of my referrer stats I found Colin McEnroe’s blog. He’s a journo an also teaching a course on blogs. I found him since he mentions the vogma manifesto <waves to Colin and invites him to get in touch if he wants me to participate in any way> and it seems this is the blog that lies at the core of his course. An observation, in this post it isn’t clear what is being quoted (from dailykos) and what is commentary. And the fascination with A list blogs. Wonder what that is about?

Knowledge and Doing

Our contemporary knowledge economies (which are primarily determined by, or as, flow and event) are no longer about representation – what does/did it mean? They are about facilitating – what does this now make possible? It is always a thinking-as-doing, or a doing-as-a-thinking. This is why design disciplines, with a minor history of considering the relation of knowledge to doing, are becoming more valuable. (Well, for me.)

A Quote for Methodology

This is from David Kolb, one of the best practitioners of hypertext writing as an academic practice we’ve got: Still, th

FireANT (the app. formerly known as Ant)

FireANT has just had a new beta release for Mac (the Windows version has gone through several iterations). It is a RSS client for enclosures (video and audio), and you can try out the current beta from


Rhizome Six

Well, if you click the poster movie below you’ll pretty quickly see that this is demo mode only. This rhizome movie play

Research, Reflection, Essays (note to some students)

This semester in Integrated Media we have got down and dirty with some simple QuickTime authoring. Using pdf to make movie boo

Now This is Something I Could Do

From Matthew over at esoteric rabbit I find that Nicholas Rombes is doing a frame by frame analysis of David Lynch’s Blue Velvet. This is a brilliant idea, perfectly possible by virtue of something as simple as a blog (though I imagine as the project progresses other topologies will appeal or suggest themselves). These are the sorts of initiatives that matter. Yes, there are excellent DVD or CD interactives on specific directors, titles, or whatever, but they’re all top down. Big projects, timelines, etc. This is quotidian, a bit at a time, it doesn’t have to be finished for it to work, to be available, and to contribute. This is what these technologies of writing are actually about. It is not an essay, a book, a conference paper, but it is legitimate academic work that utilises the affordances of these other media to produce what I call (after Entwistle and Marton) knowledge objects.

It is inspiring. Now to combine this with some videoblog/interactive video tools…