Rhizome Six

Well, if you click the poster movie below you’ll pretty quickly see that this is demo mode only. This rhizome movie plays one movie continuously (looping) in the left pane, and if you click on this video then it loads another video into the right video pane. The right video pane can support five videos. If you click more than 5, it just rotates around through them all again.

To make it work you edit an XML file. The first field is for the left video (remember there is only one that plays in the left pane), then you can enter five urls which are the five that get loaded into the right video pane. These videos are loaded dynamically, so that video two will only be downloaded to the client if a click event is received in the video pane on the right. This is important to understand – the five child movies are not downloaded to the client in the background while the movie plays, each is only downloaded if and when it is requested. This means each of the videos need to be network friendly, which doesn’t mean short but it does mean fast start and off a bit rate that is going to load reasonably quickly.

Below is a link to download the rhizome template (the mov file and its corresponding XML file) and to the LiveStage Project file.

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  1. Was going to try to mess around with it… but need a little more instruction as to how to set it up… how to embed it correctly, etc…

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