Microrama is trying a simple experiment using mobile video (video shot on a mobile phone). There are nine proto-episodes that are beginnings, each goes to a new screen with four possible videos, which in turn (I think) lead onto four other possibilities. So each participant has the possibility of contributing a part of the story, with the story, in this case, also only being what these contributions make possible.

The use of mobile video, of itself, doesn’t appear to be directly relevant to the narrative possibilities or the general structure of the project, after all you could shoot on anything for this project and the general intent would be preserved. I haven’t spent enough time though to confirm this, after all the original nine beginning points may specifically embody something relevant to mobile telephony and video in some way. On the other hand if they don’t, then it would be conceivable to think of some way in which they might, though this could be around a meta-thematic rather than a direct narrative arc. For instance something about publicness (which might relate to how mobile phones are part of a contemporary privatisation or personalisation of the public), or surveillance…

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