A Different Google

From my referrer stats I found this other Google. I’m sure it’s been around a while and I’ve just missed catching up. As far as I can tell it is part of the whole Google move towards users having Google accounts. Log in with your Google id, personalise the page, drag elements around, and even “create a section” where you can subscribe to an RSS feed. (Now that’s nice.)


Is another open source blog engine. Worth keeping an eye on, seems to be early development days (and WordPress has an enormous user community) but I like what it describes.


Via my referrer stats I see that I got linked from a Chilean blog. From Valparaiso no less – location of a fine Marker e

Research Is

There are lots of definitions of what constitutes research. I think most of them get bogged down into disciplinary differences

Blog Hui 2006

A blog conference in New Zealand, with friends Mark and Torill in attendance. OK, thinking caps on… (via James)

BlogTalk Prototypes Popping Up Again

The third vog prototype that I made for BlogTalk Downunder, that selectively dips into and quotes from Michael’s video a

Forthcoming Blog Book

I’ve just contributed a chapter to a new anthology on blogging. Axel Bruns and Jo Jacobs are the co-editors. A page is up at Axel’s place, with links to table of contents, contributers, etc. It’s only just gone to publishers so be a bit before it hits the shelves.

Nice Collection

Russell Smith from the Australian National University, has an excellent collection of links relating to new media art. As too many now forget, the Web is as much about giving back as it is about getting.

Ways of Showing QT

Mikeronen is using javascript to show QuickTime clips in his vlog. There is a ‘click to play’ button which when activated discloses and gets the video. The button changes to a ‘close’ button and then if you close the video it becomes a ‘show’ button. This is nice, and an elegant solution to embedding video because many still embed the complete clip in their blogs which means to view the homepage could produce some ridiculous download (because the video is being downloaded by the browser in the background whether you want to view it or not). One solution is to use poster movies, but this is also of interest. The problem with this, though (if it is a problem) is that there is no visual indication of the sorts of content you will be seeing. Often a poster frame or some other image provides a very good (and effective) and efficient index of what you will see when you chose to view the video.

I think a solution is microns. Mini movies that, for example, automatically take a frame every 15 seconds to make a mini movie of the complete entry and which autoplay (looping) when you mouse over them.

Google Does Webstats

Google Analytics provides webstats for your site. Unlike most of the free counters, you can stick the code on as many pages in


Got this via Matthew Clayfield, braintrustdv A project by the big Lev that collates, solicits, hosts, publishes, scours commentary about electronic cinema. This is a seriously good project and resource. The revolution is finally starting. (Not because Lev has a new site but things like the video iPod are forcing some very good questions.)

Correction (November 17), via Matthew Clayfield. The site isn’t run by Lev, but by Alejandro Adams.


Well, here I am, listening to TAFE teachers describe teaching indigenous populations distributed throughout Queensland to be t