Video Blog Theory Email List

The videoblogging list (which has become large, noisy, and regularly stuck in either flame wars or just dealing with newcomers), has spawned a videoblogging theory email list. I’m not sure if it will survive, since there are only 13 members, so it could just splutter out. But it is certainly a change from the videoblogging list where there are something like 100 messages a day of which perhaps 2 I might read. No real charter apart from discussing video blogs theoretically, whatever that might come to mean. But certainly not a place to debate H.264 versus wmv or why my RSS feed isn’t working (and what was RSS again anyway?).

TV Killed Vogging’s Star

This is the last paragraph of the chapter I have contributed to Axel and Jo’s anthology on blogging:

What might it mean for audio and video media to be porous to the network? To allow quotation, interlinking and to develop a media which is as permeable and granular as networked text? These questions cannot be answered until we have tools that enable this to happen as easily as it can be for text. The narratives that could then be sung remain to be discovered. Blogs are the first online popular media to have recognised that relations between parts are an immanent quality to a properly networked practice, and while audio and video remains closed to the network audio and video blogging can be little more than audio and video in a blog, rather than audio and video blogging. Until this event occurs, the moment which in retrospect makes it obvious why audio and video ought to be plastic and permeable, the culture of the media star remains uncontested and central to audio and video blogging which accounts for why much of this content mimetically mirrors the direct address forms popularised by mass popular media. This paucity of invention mistakes style for new paradigms and with the rise of mobile non–networked devices there is every opportunity for TV and radio to kill the yet to be born video blogging star.

Was going to write more, thinking more about the use of direct address in personal video blogs, and then slip into something about the importance of free indirect discourse, but the above is enough for now.

Slowly Emerging

From way too much administrative non sense (I’m now ‘acting’ co-ordinator of the Bachelor of Communication h

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This Week

I am on leave. I’m spending the week with my kids, Christmas shopping, wrapping stuff, going camping. I’m old scho

Part of A Sketch

The poster movie below (click to load into QuickTime player – it will launch outside of the browser window) is the intro


What does it mean when your clothes are being designed around your electronics? The Kenpo jacket for iPod.

Call Me Old Fashioned

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WordPress Database Repairs

Here is a tutorial using phpMyAdmin (which manages mysql) showing you how to repair mysql tables for WordPress. Sort of thing that can save your bacon. And from the same site, how to restore your tables

WordPress addon

Adam, one of the students in Integrated Media this year has whipped up a nifty script that generates a javascript link to show videos in your blog.

I Got A Promotion

This year there has been a promotion round at RMIT. I applied. Required a 5 page teaching portfolio, 5 page research portfolio

The Hallowed (Poorly Paid) Halls

Academic Careers dot com. Glad to see someone has worked out a possible income stream from us all.