One of the Moments of My 2005

Was sitting next to my daughter and watching her response to “Howl’s Moving Castle“. She was, thoroughly and

Upgrade done…

Have just upgraded to WP 2.0, in the 10 minutes or so that it took (where I had to turn off plugins), received 8 spam comments

Paul Pfeiffer at NGV

After having a look at the British art of the 60s (from the Tate) we went upstairs to the new media gallery. Morning After the

A Smorgasbord

I am submitting some of my video works for the Real Life on Film documentary festival. This is probably the first time I’ve succeeded in even getting work considered, since in the past most of these festivals that I’ve looked at, while saying they want internet based video, have not actually provided computers to show work. Which means they are happy to screen video made for the web, but not to provide a mouse and keyboard which might actually be necessary to play these works. Bit like inviting games but not realising that you need to be able to play a game for the game to be presented as a game (even while spectating). So, they are trying to show a small range of interactive Web based works, and I’ve put my hand up to see what happens.

So, I’ve made an interface which is a small interactive QuickTime movie that loads a selection of other movies. Each is now located on its own webpage, so all bloggish, voggishness is completely erased. See

A Quotation of Sorts

Some of the prototypes I used for BlogTalk DownUnder have been re-presented by Yuh Huann of the National University of Singapore, blog notes online. (And I’ve only noted this here to help me build my ‘portfolio’ when next I need a job, or promotion.)


I’m burning up too many neurones on what is supposed to be a holiday trying to write a book chapter. The book is about time and the internet, or things thereabouts, and I am not sure what I said I’d exactly write, but am currently writing about the temporality of hypertext. It is Deleuze and Bergson inserted in the link, via the sensory motor schema and the link as a Bergsonian interval. It is hard work. Rich with possibilities which will only get sketched since each does appear to be quite dense with possibilities, and my writing style really does suffer from me thinking that showing the connection is enough.

But that’s not the point of this post. In Deleuze there is an idea of the ‘any instant whatever’, from Cinema One. I think I might appropriate this into the near-at-hand which is in some way equivalent to any instant whatever. Any destination, any possible destination (real or imagined, now or in the future) of a link (real or imagined, now or in the future) is, like the any instant whatever, always near-at-hand.

Because: the mouse (insertion literally into the sensory motor schema), because the only distance that matters is temporal (“how long will it take?” not “how far away is it?”), size which might be in bytes is actually translated into bandwidth where again I suspect time is key, so all points are equidistant.

Ok, that’s enough brain splurt for today. Off to the British Art and the 60s show at the NGV.

Critical Blogging

Bag News Notes provides a cultural studies sort of inspired critique of news photography. Fantastic way to think about making a difference. Also seriously good resource for students to learn how to do this. (eg, what is a critique, how to do it, why.) [Email via Matthew Clayfield]