Semester has started stop First lecture in Integrated Media stop A subject about timebased media in the age of the noisy netwo


Today I am starting to, what? Pull together all the bits and pieces? Make a whole from the parts? See if the whole is greater than the sum of the parts? Enough. Today I am starting to build a new corner of specifically orientated to vog research. This will include links to the vlogtheory wiki, my blog, Seth’s blog, essays on about vogs, a rhizome movie project, the subject I teach in second year which is basically all about this research, the software I’m trying to fix up for vogging, and anything else that I initiate.

Why? Because there is quite a bit of material being hosted or produced, and it is time to pull this together to frame it more productively as an ongoing research project. Time for it to grow up. I guess.

Bergen Masters

Bergen National Academy of the Arts (Kunsthogskolen) has announced a two year, free Masters in Visual Arts. I know Jeremy Wels

Mark: At It Again

My friend Mark has invented yet another project, and more intriguing possibilities. Notes about notes. Dedicated to the discip


Is my client of choice. Just realised there have been several updates.


I am moving office. My current office is at the end of corridor, is small but not overly so, and has a window that looks strai


From a recent conference presentation:

A blog is always several (it is always plural, there is no such thing as Ďaí or Ďtheí blog ó that would be a contradiction. They travel in packs, they form packs (and packs are very different to herds). Blogs chatter amongst themselves, endlessly because they donít have ends (like soap opera). They exist in the play (some would call it a dialectic) between their internal and external aspects, a looking in combined with a looking out (if you donít want to look out, and people looking in are the same thing then you donít blog). They are a revenge of the word upon a twitch generation, though to those who still bow to the word they look and taste suspiciously like the revenge of the twitch generation upon the word.


Last Sunday I was one of the speakers on a panel at First Person. I was with Barbara Ganley (who is doing wonderful things wit

Spam Catchup

Yes, I know I’m a slow adopter here. Had a beer with James the other night and he introduced me to Akismet. A WordPress dot comm spin off or accessory or something. It blocks spam, apparently brilliantly. To use you need a account, which gives you an API key, which you then use in your personal installation of WordPress. The depressing real time stats from their site, 82% of all comments are spam. Pernicious does not go nearly far enough in describing the pollution that spamming is (bandwidth pollution, time pollution, etc).

Endangered Species

Well, this blog is becoming an endangered species, isn’t it? So, why don’t I apparently have time to write here? B