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We got her from the dog pound nearly two years ago. Timid, anxious and shy, but every bit the fox terrier x – territorial, loyal, full of beans and very fine company. Of course spoilt rotten (what family city dog isn’t?). He she shoes just why we keep mammals as our closest pets, it looks like there is an expression in her face (try that with your budgie, fish, or reptile).

Home Cooked

Melissa Gregg has a new url for her blog: As with Jean’s recent departure from

Sofa Control

Sofa control is a nifty shareware application that lets the remote that ships with the new iMacs control a range of other software on the Mac. Scriptable and also lets you do some basic finder actions. One of those small, potentially elegant apps that adds useful functionality and playfulness. (Personally it would be very useful for Keynote presentations.)

Perception of Matter

Andrew Murphie appears to be the lead nomad for The Institute for the Perception of Matter. What appears to be a group blog on

New Home

Jean Burgess has migrated her blog from to I think the creation of a domain, presumably outside hosting, and the like is an indication of both how mature and important the blog has become, and of course that universities generally don’t get it (still) so it needs to go outside.


My Saturday Marking

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Marking student work, and geeking around as I took a photo on my new K750i and then got it onto the powerbook, thence to flickr, and finally the blog…

The point? Just to remind myself how to do things as now that the phone has a decent (2 megapixel) camera I want to rethink my blogging, research, and everyday media practice.

Streaming Suitcase

Dutch site that a) provides documentation relevant to streaming, b) is written by an individual who seeks commissions to write the documentation and then makes it available under a creative commons licence. Streaming suitcase, useful and productive. Via Seth.

Words Again

It is time to return to some of the earlier vog experiments where there was a stronger consideration of the relation of text to the ‘space’ of the videographic (vogographic?). I want to have some text back within the space of interaction, partly because for me vogging was always about text and video intertwingled. So, I think I’d better start on another small work that does this.


Jeremy sent me this via email. Coverflow, interactive movie thing of your albums, on your computer. It is cool, and an example


Laurene, Jeremy and I travelled to TarraWarra yesterday for a research retreat. We had a packed agenda, as Jeremy’s phot

One Clouds

Play Quicktime version The series continues. This time it is images of the sky taken from a weekend. Abstract, light, shadow,

Round Square

Returning to some simple ideas, here a pair of simple sprites that shift video layers, two child movies, one of round things,