Just a Quick Reverie on Research

Well, we all know that for students (and anyone else) the problem is no longer a paucity of specialist information but an exce

Storyspace for MacOS X

Mark Bernstein wonders out aloud in his blog about my earlier comments on Storyspace for OS X:

Tinderbox does give you more export options, though, and the presence of those export options might in fact be a hurdle. Knowing that you might be destined for HTML can lead to to start working on graphic design too early, before you really get down to writing, perhaps before you’re certain that there’s something to be written. More than once, I’ve been left with a nice design for a project that didn’t pan ou

I don’t actually have a real answer. I know perfectly well what Mark means, and that I could write an essay in Tinderbox just as easily as in Storyspace. I’m not sure if I prefer Storyspace because that is where I started, and familiarity breeds comfort (and ease), or if it is that very close to the surface in Tinderbox there are lots (and I mean lots) of things that you could do. Add user attributes, color the nodes, write an agent, decide you should add some attributes to help structure things. Before I know it I’m writing a Tinderbox document not an essay. In Storyspace I don’t have this problem. There are links, there are guard fields. If I’m using Storyspace to get to the web then the guard fields don’t even come into it. So it isn’t that I start designing in Tinderbox for HTML presentation but that I start fiddling inside Tinderbox itself. Why? Because it is so close to the surface, I know it is there, I now how to ‘turn them on’. I guess in my hypertext text tool box I have two key tools, Storyspace and Tinderbox, and I keep using them as two separate tools (as any good tradesperson ought).

Another Trailing Note. Linked Video

In the lecture I gave on Saturday night at Mediamatic (I’ll add slides, etc in coming days) I showed some examples of softvideo, but didn’t demonstrate a movie with good old fashioned links in it. So here is an example of a video with embedded links to webpages. Ignore me talking (that’s supposed to be an ironic poke at the North American journalistic videoblog practice of filming yourself) but wait for the links to appear, the first is around thirty seconds. By the end of the video there are three links present. Clicking on any of them will pause the movie and load that URL (the first link is now officially broken since I deleted an old del.icio.us account!). If you click the first link later in the movie the movie automatically returns you to the time in the movie when that link appears so that it appears in context. Clicking the vog.rmit badge takes you to the blog entry for this video.

Why Blog for Documentary?

Sounds like that bumper sticker about fighting for war. After the OzDox panel the other night, and being a guest at Mediamatic

A Trailing Note…

Well, I tried to show ning at the end of my last day at mediamatic and things didn’t quite go to plan. So, a note to Ton

mediamatic workshop, November 2006

This is the workshop room at Mediamatic.

Media Paucity

Once upon a time there was broadcast media. Broadcast media owned access to a very scarce resource called spectrum, or sometim

Another Group Video Blog

Appears to be a new group video blog on the block. Welcome Hoffmadness!

Workshop Day One

Am in mediamatic, after having given a presentation this morning. In a large building that was once the major mail handling bu

Theories and Practice of Blogging

From Tama: the “Special Issue of Reconstruction on ‘Theories/Practice of Blogging” is published. Academic publication on blogging, check it out.

User Generated Content

Fron Chuck Tryon, I read that: the chutry experiment: That Was Fast… I just learned that Law and Order: Criminal Intent


Courtesy of my referrer stats someone has linked to by blog teaching category from a blog that is, I think, in Russian.