Network Needs

At home we have cable broadband access with wireless to distribute it round the house. Love it. Unfortunately Australian broad


Christmas in Australia is intense. It is also our annual summer holidays so not only is there the stress of Christmas shopping

Some of the People I Work With

This is L, the most senior person in my immediate workgroup. Didn’t realise she was also an elf.

Yes, It is Now Vogmae

Yes, obviously I’ve moved the blog. That was the easy bit. Now I need to tidy up the template, stick stuff back in, and

There are Bush Fires

Today in Melbourne it is 41 with one of our wicked Northerlies. There are enormous fires in the north east, and the city (wel

Dawn, Amsterdam

city cinemas, Amsterdam, home of idfa Originally uploaded by vogmae. This is the city cinema, the main cinema venue used for t

What I missed

From Josephine (an Australian in Amsterdam) I see that I missed an exhibition by Nick Ervinck while I was in Amsterdam. The wo

Test Drive CMS’s

Found out about  OpenSourceCMS: This site was created with one goal in mind. To give you the opportunity to “try ou

Moving House

Well, after running my own server since about 1995 I am moving most of my own work to my own domain. Minor decision but one th

A Vog

Dominic Vikram Babu has made a vog piece. It has a still background with two video panes, one of music being performed on guitar the other some material related to a train trip. Simple, nice how the train leaves frame at the end (though another enters so not quite there…), but I think it would have benefitted from their being a fade out of the music or the musical piece actually ending. It’s good to see more experimental visual exercises turning up online.

Turn Here, Web Video Production House

TurnHere: Free video guides for travel, restaurants, hotels, local events & music is, as the title suggests, a web video p

Question of the Week

Should video online be a video specific media or a net specific media?