An Emerging Project

I have started on a Korsakow video project. Working title of ‘any-instant-whatever’. Basically each vog that I make from now on will appear in the videoblog (here) and it will also be included in this new project. I’ll write more about how the Korsakow Project works later, but what I’m interested in is a video practice that is open, ongoing, and allows structures or patterns to emerge. (The same qualities that draw me to writing in hypertext.) This is, in some ways, against the spirit of Florian’s original project, which is much more a system for building works that then get published as finished. Much like using Storyspace to write finished hypertexts. In each case they are made up of multiple parts, have multiple pathways, and a single reading or viewing may obscure as much as it reveals.

Since the Korsakow system relies on keywords I want to use a very simple keyword system. The patterns will look after themselves through the content of the vogs, and I don’t want to end up with some bizarre keyword list that is more taxonomy, or folksonomy, than a simple rule set facilitating emergent structures. (Many people when they come to these sorts of systems assume that complexity is the product of complex rules. It is not. Complexity results from simple rules iterated. It is this that produces complex structures, and it is these structures that we regard as intentional and meaningful.) My rules: each episode (Florian’s Smallest Narrative Unit, or a node) will have three keywords: the day on which the work was shot, or made, a sort of Bachelardian label (each of which expresses two possible positions), and a noun relating in some way to the content. Each episode will have these as keywords, and will rate more highly those with matching keywords. If that doesn’t work, I’ll change it. This work is not public yet, I only have four vogs in it, which is not nearly a critical mass for such a task.

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