Channels (ba, humbug)

In Integrated Media I’m really wanting to push the development of each student’s blog as their own media channel. I really don’t want to use that word, ‘channel’, as it is just so looking backwards towards old media. Connotations of TV, networks, broadcasting, scheduling. About all that I think remains in our model is networks, except of course it is a qualitatively different network to that of trad. media. Anyway, one aspect of this channel development is to then republish/distribute all the timebased content the students produce via what would be a media portal. Just a place to aggregate the content. This would be good so that all of the students could more easily see each other’s work (allowing them to get a much stronger idea of their own practice) and of letting other people get access to the work done. A showcase. It also would work well as an archive, and finally provides a series of very useful problems for the students themselves – should formats and/or resolution be standardised (eg, should all work be playable on an iPod?).

How to make this? I’m going to investigate Loudblog, but I am thinking that the simplest way will be a WordPress installation plus FeedWordPress. Each student blog can have a custom (and common) category for this site, and we just auto-aggregate. Problems? Well, if it is automatic and 25 new entries appear on a single day then 15 of those will not appear in the RSS feed (since it probably only shows the last 10). We could make a much bigger RSS feed, but I think that’s problematic for first time subscribers. So I think we need either a reblog that lets us mark stuff and future publish it (so we ‘release’ a couple of works a day), or we just publish the lot and have perhaps two RSS feeds, a small regular one and bigger one. Or just not worry too much about the RSS. As usual, the way I’ll figure this out is by doing it, seeing what happens, and then adapting or adjusting.

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