Media Portal Sketch

As the following probably shows, I’m a cobbler (or perhaps it is more like sketching?). So, this media portal I’m wanting to build. Occurred to me that I could:

  • install Loudblog
  • then tag things in
  • subscribe via Loudblog to that tag using the syndication plugin in Loudblog

Disadvantages: you need to tag the media object itself in not just the blog post, that is slow, and also means you lose the blog post. A very bad thing. So scratch that sketch. Bugger.

Another quickie:

  • install Loudblog
  • tag posts in
  • use the delicious plugin in Loudblog
  • see what happens

I also think the reblog that I used last year worked well, and so if I can work out how to use that tied into a WordPress installation that might be the way to go.