Leonardo Transactions

From the email announcement:

Transactions is a new section in the print journal Leonardo that publishes fully refereed papers in a fast track to disseminating key new results, ideas and developments in practice.

Papers are solicited under the stated aims and scope of Leonardo, but are restricted to two pages of published material. A fast referee process is employed in which the result is restricted to “accept” or “reject” a submission. If a submission is rejected, the submission of a revised version will be treated as a new paper.

This is an excellent idea and I suspect is evidence of Roger Malina’s influence with his hard sciences background as this sort of thing is very common in the sciences. Much of the humanities could benefit well from a good kick up the pants from quite a bit of the dissemination models offered by the sciences:

  • studio practice (they call it a lab) is common
  • joint authorship is common (regardless of its individual merits in an era of the RQF it is outrageously effective at producing a long list of publications to your name)
  • a commitment to publicly accessible archives
  • recognised (accidentally?) that books are very slow media (not many scientists write books, let alone treat books as their major source of knowledge production and dissemination)