Head Out of Place

I have not written nearly as much as I should’ve. This year, last year, the year before. No doubt next year. It is not that I don’t have things to write or ideas to get out. It is probably the opposite. I feel like I have a fury of ideas in here. Linked, wandering, all over the shop. It is all soupy noise. Gets in the way. I start thinking about how I should write about this, or that, or that other thing, and then I stumble over what I should (in a normative, traditional good essay sort of should) do, and then how that idea also grows out of this other one, so perhaps that one should be done first. Except there isn’t really a priority or a prior here. So I stop. Stutter. Start. Again, and again. And again.

Hypertext. Real, glorious, lascivious hypertext was my first solution to this. It remains probably the best. But I have also realised that I need to stop the struggle of fighting my thought to an other (external, highly rational, linear, carefully elaborate and preplanned structures of the good essay) and begin to develop an academic vernacular of my own. If it doesn’t work, change it. If it works, use it, break it, make with it. After all, I’d like it to be about ideas and the dialogic flows these participate in and produce rather than ensuring filial soverignity.

Blogs in Media Education

Have just put up an essay I wrote for Metro on blogs and media education. It is intended to be introductory and aimed for thos

Halls Gap Day Two

As a group we all went to Flat Rock, an expanse of rock at the very northern tip of The Grampians (not to visitors, it seems t

Halls Gap Day One

Drive up to Halls Gap (it’s north of home so by default it is up) went well with a nearly one C. The labsome students ar

Waiting for a Train

In amongst organising a trip to Halls Gap for honours students, trying to get on top of end of semester assessments, writing a

Social Media Introduction

Trevor Cook has updated his pdf about social media. It is designed for those in various professional media fields as an introd

Conference Extended

The IE conference has just announced an extension of deadlines: Full Papers (max 8 pages): 23 July 2007 Short papers (max 3 pa

Interruption to Broadcasting

Dropped the PowerBook today. Fractured the screen (pictures coming later). Might interrupt things a tad.

Vlog Razor

Aggregation site that brings together daily vlog related news (via RSS) into one location.

Cruxy Live

Cruxy is now live. Sort of Blip for audio, video, it uses the ‘ablums’ terminology to think about collections (you create an album and upload it, so a collection of videos, or audios for example, would be an album) and has hooks into Second Life too. 70% of revenue goes to content creators, and the revenue model for creators seems to be that you can charge for your content and so Cruxy manages this on your behalf (nice). Presumably, but I haven’t checked, there is a minimum payment required to cover their processing costs. I think they are aiming to do the next step for rich media creators what Kagi did for shareware developers. Kagi undertook to manage all the back end financial transactions and management for shareware you wanted to sell, making it viable for individual developers and providing both with an income stream. Cruxy is the same, though they are also offering at the front end a media management resource to boot.

This is a very positive next step from the carnivalesque noise of YouTube. Rights are retained, if you have material worth paying for then you might get a return, and it recognises that this is about media, not video or audio, but both. (At the end of the day I can’t help experiencing YouTube as being about users not creators, my kids go there to find funny clips all the time, but certainly don’t think of it as a place to create work or to publish work. They use their blogs for that – and currently treat blogs as entirely disposable – YouTube is their online video library, and that’s all it is.)