Epistolary Cinema

Over at Taylor Street Will (who is producing some wonderful work) has a post about personal narrative and intimate everyday stories. The key to the reintroduction of the epistolary form is that it is ideally suited to blogging since it is serialised, episodic, and easily embedded in the everyday. I’m sure someone must have written a paper by now on epistolary narrative and blogging (and if not, someone should, I would have thought the connections are a lay down misere), and the next step to video blogging is straight forward. Unlike much of what has been dominant to date following this idea moves us away from televisual clones (Rocketboom as a small scale web version of Saturday Night Live, or any of the various successful comedy efforts as being not much more than sketch comedy routines) into other fields. I’ve been leafing through “The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon” recently and it offers an ideal model for a personal, not quite epistolary narrative form that is a powerful template for video blogging.

Documentary Practice Critique

Welcome to “Documentary Critique“, a new group blog about documentary practice. By some of the names and links in the blog roll I think I know who they are, but remember, it is usually good to have your name and some way of contact available! Have subscribed to see what comes of this new beginning.


I’m still writing my paper for the Video Vortex symposium in Brussels this coming week. (Another trip where I will spend


Andreas and Brittany have worked hard on their lumiere project and it has lead to some beautiful work. Will, with his very well developed aesthetic of finding delight in the minor moments of the everyday has a particularly beautiful work. Too many people come to film and video thinking that it is only about representation. Film my face, or that face. Narrate that story and make my pictures follow the story (why does a visual medium always end up subservient to narrative?). But what does it mean to think what the image is first of all, before we then choose to make it narrate or only be recognised as that face and not as light, shade, pattern, flicker.

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On Writing

I am sitting in a cafe, coffee (very good coffee) to hand. Some food coming and I’m writing rather productively. I can&#

1000 Stories

Florian has got some greenbacks to make a video doco about Americans. If you’re American and want to offer your talent check out www.1000stories.com. I don’t know if it is going to a vlog as described or end up in Florian’s Korsakow system.