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Recommend a Look: Prelminary Notes on Web-Hosted Cinema

Prelminary Notes on Web-Hosted Cinema” is Alejandro Adam’s very long self published essay that alternately drives me a bit crazy and which I also enjoy. I think some of the claims are strident, I also think it is overly romantic in some of its approaches to film and practice, and perhaps off key at times on possible aesthetics of a web based video practice. However, it is written in a spirit of belief, bordering on a manifesto, and with that it carries the day, and provides lots of places to not just nod but to shake and from there to make your own path, problem, and trajectory.

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There have been some viewers who have not had any success in viewing the like series of works. No idea what the problem is, as


My hosting service, DreamHost, seems to have been having quite a few problems the last week or so. So this site has been unava

Lumiere Peter Horvath

Peter Horvath presenting at VideoVortex, Brussels, October 2007. Shot on SonyEricsson k750i. Click To Play Technorati Tags: lu


For probably the last two years in classes and at any and every opportunity in conference presentations, lectures and the like I have been pointing out that that video on YouTube was just television. One of the ways you could see that it was television was that it was easy to imagine a TV show based on YouTube content, and that if by taking video off YouTube and broadcasting it (or screening it in a gallery or cinema) nothing fundamentally changed then it wasn’t videoblog video but just video This argument is based on the premise that if you publish a blog as a book it is no longer a blog, some of the key qualities that make a blog a blog (comments, links in, and so on) by definition must be removed for print publication and in doing this the act of translation moves the blog from being a blog to being something else.

My second point is related to professional practice and TV, and was simply that if you worked in TV and you were not currently developing a show based on YouTube then you were a dill. Dirt cheap to produce, enough content for I don’t know how many shows (funniest, rudest, dumbest, at the moment we are in the midst of a federal election and there is enough content for at least one TV hour just on parody and satire videos related to the election). Well, it finally happened. Last Friday night on one of the free to air networks we had “Friday Night Download”. And it makes no difference to the videos.

Increasingly the only value TV has will be in liveness (Murdoch understood this years ago hence his purchase for the complete cable rights to the British Premier League at a then astronomical figure) so music, sport, disasters. You will increasingly watch drama as pay per view, on demand, etc – how it is delivered to you is secondary to being able to watch it when you want to watch it, commercial free – but TV as we know it will shift. This means that there is the potential for more drama and doco production, since the single biggest scarcity in TV is broadcast time, but in a networked or other delivered model broadcast time is no longer a scarcity. Once we move to this new economy I do think there will be more production, hopefully with a broader range of budgets – after all if you can produce a TV drama that requires 20,000 subscribers to be viable then you are making low budget TV but you certainly don’t need as much capital and risk up front (or a network agreement) to get it out there.

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My neighbour, Lisa Gye (that’s neighbour in my real world street, not the office next door or somethin’), sometime

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Affective Atlas Symposium

Today I’m a participant in a one day symposium entitled ‘Affective Atlas 01″. It is a research project IR

Study on Students and ICT

A mention of a British longitudinal study on students and their use of ICT. This appears to be similar to a survey that was run as part of the mashedlc project that I’m a small participant in.

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You need to click on the poster video, which then loads a qt movie which says “click to open in QT player”, clicki

Students Blogging Successfully

Bit of a bee in my bonnet from a brief exchange during last weekends Art and Design Graduate Research Conference at RMIT. It w