On a Jet Plane…

Got Jim White’s “Transnormal Skiperoo” which came out October one, Jenny Owen Youngs‘ “Batten the Hatches”, Joe Henry’s “Civilians” and Mary Gauthier’s “Between Daylight and Dark” as new company on the iPod, still deciding what book I need to read, and a presentation to write. Today I leave for Brussels. A good near eight hours to KL, then eleven or twelve thirteen to Paris, and a couple of hours on the train.

2 thoughts on “On a Jet Plane…

  1. Paul D.

    It just so happens that Jim White and Jenny Owen Youngs are on tour together in the UK starting next week. Jim will be in Brussels (without Jenny) on 22 Oct.

    You have great taste in music: The Joe Henry and Mary Gauthier records are fantastic.

  2. Nicole

    I chose a certain non-child friendly Jenny Owen Youngs track off that album for a Pop Music & Society tute exercise, and everyone within a ten kilometre radius of Building 24 got to hear it… twice.

    Good times :-)