Projections is a blog by Jon (sorry, don’t remember how I found a link to this and I can’t find out who Jon is, pe

Vidgets: Network Based Video Works

David Wolf’s exegesis of his Masters project is now available. You can get the pdf from:

I supervised David through his Masters, and watched his development from building proof of concept works in LiveStage Pro to becoming an adept at Quartz Composer where in the end he was building custom VJ tools. Theoretically the work was informed by Russolo’s noise machines where the any sound becomes and all data.


Longsight is a company that provides support for the deployment and use of open source tools and applications in higher educat

New Media, Networks and New Pedagogies

An issue of Fibreculture Journal that I have edited has finally seen the light of day. It is themed “New Media, Networks


This is a company that offers a social networking platform. Which is smart and interesting as it recognises that a viable busi

Head South Young Man

Peter Morse is on an expedition to the Antarctic. He’s going to be photographing Mawson’s Huts as part of a visual

Generation Why

My university, and I’ve not doubt most others, are providing impressive resources for ‘elearning’ (you can s

It’s Free

At the staff development event I participated in the other day I saw some great projects. Quite a few staff in health sciences

Scorsese does Borges

This is an ad which is almost viral which is Scorsese channelling Borges cinematically. The premise is to preserve a film that

Retreat Pictures

The research retreat at Daylesford, where we developed the post industrial media project, has some pics.


After I smashed my laptop screen a few months ago (which was replaced) I had the odd oddness with the new one. Then this weeke

Blogs in Learning

In the morning I’m making a very short presentation to some staff from another part of the university about new technolo