VlogEurope 08

Vlog Europe has been announced and is slated for Budapest in mid October. See the vlog Europe blog for details.

Artefact, Ambience, Abstraction

This is another rhizome movie that is partly to illustrate the use of the templates, but also to just play a bit with some mat

Two Trains Travelling To and Fro

This is another lumiere rhizome. One was shot while travelling from Paris to Brussels on the TGV while the other is the return


This is a project that seems to contain (yet again) the inestimable Jay Dedman. Semanal is an aggregate video project where users aggregate their own content. No, that’s wrong. OK, the idea is that you are to make one video a week for 52 weeks. Your 52 weeks can begin at any time, but once started you’re doing one a week. You publish them where ever you normally publish your videos, and then you add the URL of the video and the blog post as a comment to the appropriate week in Semanal. They are using some nice WP plugins which lets the video URLs appear in vPIP popups, so you can easily see the videos for each week. Hopefully some thumbnail stuff will appear in the future so there can be a thumbnail for each weeks contribution – it makes sense to navigate video visually rather than textually.

lumiere at the beach

On the weekend there was a trip to Phillip Island and on Saturday evening we headed to the beach at Cowes. Beautiful weath

Shadows and Trains

This uses the same footage from the recent Trains and Shadows vog just reversed. This template provides a controller for

Trains and Shadows

I am rebuilding all of the rhizome movie templates. Cleaner code, larger video windows and a bit more elegant over all. This i

Videoécriture: interactive video vernaculars

These are the slides I used for this conference presentation at AoIR in 2002 in Maastricht. Looking over it again after 6 years it seems to sum things up well and is probably where I am still fossicking intellectually at the moment. It also has the benefit of reminding me of several things I should have written but have not.

A resolution. To write and get these ideas out there and to stop bellyaching about getting it perfect and so on. I have a lot of ideas and do not have the patience or the temperament to fill in all the gaps with quotes from all of the sources. Just broad pointers and the ideas. Time to get on with it I reckon.