Forced Slow Down

Last Sunday got home from my first mountain bike race to find the home broken in to and my laptop stolen. So I’ve been a

After Publication?

Today I had a lecture where I wanted to introduce the idea of granularity, its importance to blogging, networked practice more

Teaching, Creative Practice, Learning

Some interesting nodding (up and down, and sideways) as they either think they're of interest or just a sideshow. ... Andrew


A paragraph I just dumped from an essay I'm bleeding and sweating through right now: This is a particular sort of porousness

Another To Do List Manager

I am still resolutely bookish when it comes to Google Docs and things like todoist. That doesn't mean I have to have a paper

Fav Or It

Get it (favorit)? Beta web based aggregation service, seems to also be offering commenting within there that ends up at the or

Rebuilding a History

In 2001 I think I used Ceres (later to be named Tinderbox ) and then later my first installation of Movable Type (when it

Peter’s Research

Peter Bayliss is completing a PhD which is investigating the role of the body (via pheneomenology) in the interface in comput

Swings and Roundabouts

Strong questions, teasing out ideas, not just trying to dump a pile of information but more sketching the shapes of the ideas.

Water and Lumiere

Andreas has curated lumiere’s around water. There is an affinity between film and water, much like there is between sky and film (think of Stieglitz’s clouds) since they allow the medium to be. What I mean by this is that it is able to be indexical (it is water, they are clouds) while also approaching the abstraction of being only pattern, shadow, light, movement. So when you have such a strict constraint the camera finds fluids.

Cinematic Paradigms for Hypertext

I’ve just migrated an essay of mine from 1999 onto vogmae. It’s the first paper where I started to try to put together cinema and hypertext, and came out of the paper I presented at DAC98. So, here it is, Cinematic Paradigms for Hypertext.

An Excellent List

Bane and joy of my life (give or take a few children and intense joyous relationships). Jeremy , who is embarking on honou