Well, I’ve lost my broadband as I’ve maxed out my monthly allowance on what my subscription allows. 10Gb from memory, my ISP just winds it back to dialup speed so that I don’t end up with unexpected costs and at dialup it isn’t really a nostalgia trip for how it was in the ‘old’ days but more like how bloated some things have got. Even email trundles slowly since people attach things, format it, and so on.

How did I run out of broadband? Downloading student interactive QuickTime projects to asses where way too many students have still not learnt the basics of compression. Quite a few of the project archives run to hundreds of meg which should, in theory, mean they contain hours of audio or at least a couple of hours of video. But no. Just a few minutes. I remember the classes where I pointed out that to not compress properly was an issue about sustainability, that while storage cost nothing bandwidth didn’t and so if you don’t compress properly then you are costing others money. In this case me! That does make me nostalgic for the early days when you had to care about compression, when you couldn’t conceal not caring to a big pipe or just outsource it to YouTube et al.

So I’ve spent a lot of time the last week and a bit looking at and assessing student work. It’s been a poor semester of teaching by myself, but very useful as I think I’m finally (after three iterations) working out the shape of how Integrated Media One should be. This time some of the key tasks were the wrong way around, and also I’m beginning to think that trying to cover two major technologies and practices (interactive QuickTime and wiki writing) is a mistake. But I’ll write more about this in a couple of weeks once the work is marked, results recorded, and the minor barrage of conferences (next Wednesday and then in about three weeks, and I’m also invited to gig) under the bridge.

Those three events, there’s a whole microcosm of the web right there. The IAPL site is old skool bad. Hand coded, silly urls, frames for fuck’s sake (so I can’t really link to the conference page for starters), and not much more than slightly fancier brochureware. Info, no CMS, and so on. ASPERA is the next step along. A CMS that is half way implemented so that content can be easily managed, but the urls haven’t been customised and everything is not very far from a vanilla installation (much like my own stuff). Then there’s the media wiki like ASPERA stays close to a plain vanilla install of mediawiki but their choice of a wiki as the default CMS suggests this is a move forward from just publication towards participation.

Meanwhile C, who is a week shy of turning 2, has two new things she enjoys saying. One, “Daddy’s silly” is courtesy of her older siblings, while the other “Daddy hum!” (around 2 everything statement is either declaring the world “dog!”, “plane!”, “bats!”, “car!” or a command “sit!”, “more!”, “no!) just seemed to arrive from the ether. I am expected to hum, she often joins in and we glimpse that beatific smile that makes kids this age such subjects of wonder. We’ve had a good morning together doing our respective domestic duties where one attempts to lessen disorder while the other’s mission appears to be to increase disorder, with entropy the only winner.


Australia’s Sam Hill was defending world champion in the mountain bike downhill. An event for nutters. It was raced on the weekend in Italy and checking the results he came third, which is disappointing for him as on some courses he has been head and shoulders above the field. Just watched the video, what they ride over, through and into, at speed, is bloody madness. But turns out he was close to six seconds up on the field (like downhill skiing differences are fractions of seconds, to be six seconds up is to have simply destroyed the best riders in the world) when he washed out his front wheel on the easiest, bottom part of the course. Crashed, got back on and still managed a bronze. Stuff of legend a ride like that.

On Song

So, I am wondering about a few things. I have spent eight or so years tub thumping about online video, what it should be, coul


Wordle lets you create customised tag or wordclouds. You can save them and use them as you see fit (t-shirts anyone?).


I was going to call this “stuttering, again” but that seemed almost an oxymoron. Yes, under the weight of family, riding my bike, marking student work, attending meetings, trying to write, this has become a vacant blog. Fuck that. Time to change gears and rediscover my active thinking writing lets get on with it voice.