Time to briefly engage with, or at least jump sideways from, the bubbling effervescent musings of my friend Mark. (You can tell he’s hanging out in Hawaii because the writing is all so abrupt and volcanic. The writing that happens when you live where it is all edge – water, beach, mountain, rock, lava, the ‘real’ U.S. is over there elsewhere.) So, he found a really interesting post elsewhere about RSS poetics which leads him to wonder

Is this indicative of a reverse-writerly theory that turns Barthes on his head or is it more like a theory-play where remixology meets pleasure of the text?

Perhaps it is neither? One of the places we seem to have found ourselves within (and which Mark’s own practice probably exemplifies) is the dissolution of what at the end of the day are increasingly quaint dualisms. The distinctions that so much of theory relies upon, well at least even the inimitable Roland with his post structuralist pedigree, relies upon that academic privileging of this or that, a dialectic dressed up whichever way to keep feigning altereity so that every idea always must have its reverse, obverse, or perverse other. But, to paraphrase de Certeau, it is now all tactics. Local doing which is never now local since as I sit here in Alphington looking out over the street I am a vector within I have no idea how many flows (keyboard, links in this post, in this blog, to this post, to this blog, the chatter going on invisibly between my mobile and the local towers, radio and tv waves, the power coming into the house, the heat leaving it, the music passing through my headphones and the nerves blood and muscles doing their unbidden things) which seep and move all over. At what point is what I am doing an art practice? Scholarly? Personal? When I talk to my wife on my mobile on the train why do we even want to hang on to the public and the private as a way to theorise this?

The distinctions that grounded practice – that is art and that is, what? entertainment? commerce? knowledge? – were reified because knowledge and expertise (how to do, styles of doing) was scarce. Now the conversation moves to perhaps poetics, aesthetics, styles. There are better, cooler, ways of doing, but it is now all remix, only mix, self as transitory locus. (And I don’t think this is a post about identity, those who move in the network as the site of practice and not just publication or distribution – I guess those who think Web 2 and its avatars has always been what the networks been about – long ago recognised that binary distinctions no longer hold. In a world of only muliplicity, why insist on only two?)


It might be kayaking, though I actually did a bit as a teenager, but when you get to see 8 or 9 do the same thing you actually

Dutch Love

I was a guest of Mediamatic a few years ago which I enjoyed immensely. They are one of those western European cultural organisations that get a lot done for not a lot of money – but for those of us from increasingly market driven political systems always seem quite well off – that had a very cool space in the old post building down by the main station and water. Seems they’ve moved to fancy new digs, but what I stumbled across was this wonderful intervention. Seems they’re having a funding battle (ah, even the Dutch succumb eventually) so they decided to give away their library for free to anyone who undertook to look after it. Not the whole library mind you. Individual titles and new media works. The only proviso was you had to register so that if someone asked for the books you got you could be contacted, and you could lend it to them. A distributed library where the cultural capital is quite literally spent. I’ve no idea of the local ramifications of this (did anyone in any cultural ministry care?) but the cheek of it is admirable and I don’t think anyone here would have the chutzpah to do it.


Jean Poole has sent me an email in response to the camera conversation (first and then):

canon HV 20 – HD, around a grand?

recommended with 35mm lens adaptor ( another grand) to give almost filmic quality images

Korsakow Updated

Florian has released a new version of his Korsakow System . This remains one of the better implementations of a readily

Another Camera

Seth has sent me through details of this video camera . It isn't quite what I'm after, as I want something that gives me m


This is a national award for contribution to teaching, or as their website likes to say: The Citations are granted to people

Digital Texts

What is interesting is that this is a project that has come from Stéfan Sinclair (and Johnny Rodgers), a prominent figure w