I don't know if that means documentary makers from around the world, documentaries about the world (ie not one country) or is

Post Christmas and Age

Even when I get cheap public transport, which really isn't so very far away, I'm not sure if that will make me feel old or jus

Bookmarks for December 13th through December 16th

These are my links for December 13th through December 16th: Glimpse Journal – Glimpse is an interdisciplinary, quarterly

Open Video

Open Video Alliance is, well, an alliance of people committed to open video. Open video is about non proprietary formats

VV 04

This is becoming quite a series, though you'd be worried that at some point soon you're going to run out of new things to say

Bookmarks for December 5th through December 9th

These are my links for December 5th through December 9th: ephemera: theory & politics in organization – Main Page &#

Annotate Digital Video Exchange on the Net (ADVENE)

ADVENE is a French project that: aims at providing a model and a format to share annotations about digital video documents

Is That Christmas Around the Bend?

I informed A. that unless she donated a sufficient amount it was staying on after November, so in her case I wasn't getting a


So, in trying to work out how to get my delicious feed into my blog as posts (and not just as a tag cloud) I also found twi

Geert in Town

Are new media part of the problem called global capitalism or do they contribute to the development of a more equal, sustainab

Emerging Tech Oz and NZ

The New Media Consortium has released the Australia and New Zealand Emerging Technologies Report. Available as a nice fresh PDF, this is a report I was involved in as part of the advisory board. Was an interesting collaborative process where we all sat in a room together and had to list technologies in response to various probes, and then collectively vote on them by placing stickers on posters. Was a really interesting filtering process, and very productive. The summary: stuff that will matter and can expect to be adopted in the next year will be virtual worlds (ho hum, sorry, I’ll have more on that later), and cloud based apps. Two to three years geolocation (would have disagreed with this but with the arrival of the iPhone I think these services are now compelling) and alternative input devices. Finally, the four to five year horizon sees deep tagging and next generation mobile.

Links R Us

This is from Uni of Bristol's Practice as Research in Performance project in the Drama, Theatre, Film and TV department (I gue