Bloody Hell

It is very cool as it has full support for all of the attributes of Apple's QuickTime embed tag, which means it should be able

Curation as Art and Intervention

This is a project where a variety of artists have curated individual collections of YouTube material. The act of selection, the constraint which determines membership, and the obvious fact of selection that this has produced, lets an art work develop out of the range of material available on YouTube. Writing this it occurs to me how close this is to a sort of scientific practice. All I mean by that is that if I was doing some empirical research into YouTube then one way of conducting that would be to set a content definition (videos that are about x, or are reworkings/homages/fan works of y) and then collect them, and start counting. Here a similar principle is applied, with the difference being that works are excluded (it is a curated collection) and that not much counting is going on. But it is the act of inclusion, and by implication exclusion, that seems to make all the difference. (Duoh, I know, but hey it is Friday arvo.)

Train x 4

This is just trying out a few things, timers in eZedia, the video that comes off my Nokia N95 (it’s a 30fps which is way

Videoblogging Week 09

The sixth version of videoblogging week is happening April five to eleven. The object is to make a post a video every day fo

PhD Scholarship

RMIT University, School of Applied Communication (Melbourne) are seeking a communication/interaction designer who is familiar

Motion Graphics Advertising Art

I've often bastardised that in classes to talk about how advertising are the cathedrals of our time, and while we might not wa


One is how things like Online Caroline work and is mainly through its mode of address which generates the illusion of narrat

Blue Bath

This is filmed on a low rez domestic camera, I like its compressed abstraction. Blue Bath


Will be tons easier to embed video, as it will have its own tag, with support for poster frames and some basic properties that

A Railway Crossing

This is the rail crossing I regularly walk across with the kids. Trains remain an elemental attractor in cinema. Mechanised, r

Network Squared

From a Bruce Sterling talk : Digital culture, I knew it well. ... It's all about network culture now.

Soluble Fish

Will, one of the original and key vloggers (I’d include him in the vog camp but that’s my terminology) has moved h