Bookmarks for May 13th through May 17th

These are my links for May 13th through May 17th:

YouTube Bibliography | Watching YouTube – Large, detailed and ongoing bibliography of academic material related to YouTube. Must.
P2P File Sharing Browser Plugin LittleShoot BitTorrent Gnutella – Web based p2p service/tool. Sort of torrents via browser….(I think).
WordPress › WordPress Video Solution Framework « WordPress Plugins – This is the backend that wpmu uses for transcoding, etc. Requires a dedicated server for transcoding, webhosting, and so on. But cool that it is made available.
The Root Of The Matter: Emily Bell on The Future of Journalism – Notes from audience member of a talk on the future of journalism. Has some really nice observations from someone who actually knows the network, journalism, and journalism as a business.
The Interaction Design Pilot Year – One of those Danish things that make you drool. A collaboration between two institutions where students get to explore aa broad variety of significant problems for and through design.
RMIT – GPA – Grade Point Average –