Bookmarks for August 27th through August 31st

These are my links for August 27th through August 31st: The future for film has already been written | Opinion/Comment | Scree

Bookmarks for August 21st through August 24th

These are my links for August 21st through August 24th: Afterimage: The journal of media arts and cultural criticism – R

Some Diptychs

But since they invite you to play and pause them independently of each other, and since they loop, it is possible to suggest t

Bookmarks for July 29th through August 18th

These are my links for July 29th through August 18th: Book Review – Experimental Geography: Radical Approaches to Landsc


Open the finished video Get a screen grab for the poster (using Snapz Pro ) Edit this screen grab down to size in Photosho

Backend Work

Well, simple because all you need to do is a) upload your thumbnail (or point to its URL), and b) put in URL of the video (fro

Recent Developments in the Diptych Department

I do want to speed up and slow down the video, but what I was doing was constraining this so that after, say, slowing or speed

Coding Development

This though causes problems, since you can speed the film to 5 times normal, then 2 clicks in the slow and the movie is now 1/

Link Movies

It sort of makes sense to stop, since you're being taken somewhere else and once you've gone there you can always return (if i


The problem with this is that I neither need to treat these videos as an individual project, since earlier videos aren't goin

Somewhere way past shameful

My kids (a son 10 and a daughter 14) actually supported this and didn't have a problem with it, my daughter in particular not