I Was Going To Write About the iPad But

I was going to write my rave about why the iPad actually matters. I see enormous future for shifting computing to appliances that just become so much more ready to hand. But Mark has written an excellent post that pretty much does it for me. I think an iPad makes a ton more sense for our students, who are presently being encouraged to lease laptops, particularly when we stop thinking of them as bloody ebook readers and as devices for making. Will it happen in my School? No. Why? The inertia of old media is like trying to turn around one of those enormous oil tankers – even after 15 years of realising that the internet is not going away most of my colleagues still think we need to teach students for TV, radio, graphic design and newspapers. Just as our boxes move from computers to appliances my colleagues are just beginning to get that ‘professional’ media now must be many media. There’s simply no way they will get that computers are now changing too. I literally cannot describe how deeply and angrily frustrated this makes me.