What Should an Honours Program Do?

As part of this process I'm holding a second planning day, partly to help people get on board with what honours is (being a on

Bookmarks for May 14th through May 31st

These are my links for May 14th through May 31st: One in 8 Million – New York Characters in Sound and Images – The

e-fagio video show

The number of online video festivals, exhibitions, shows that call for work, have all the boosterist rhetoric of innovation, a

Curriculum Notes

This is the very brief presentation I made to our new Dean earlier this year outlining our approach to pedagogy in the media p

Interactive Entertainment Conference

IE2010: The 7th Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment 21-23 November 2010, Wellington, New Zealand. http://ie

Bookmarks for May 5th through May 12th

These are my links for May 5th through May 12th: Writing as Design, Design as Writing ( jnd.org ) – Donald Norman using

Open Video Conference 2010

This yeas Open Video Conference is calling for proposals . They have a scholarship like scheme in place to help with tra

57 Fragments – Fade to Black

I'm quite intrigued by this, as there is a great deal in what I am doing that could be misconstrued as anti-cinematic (it is,

BlogTalk 2010

Name says it all. Blogtalk 2010 details out.

Interactive Digital Storytelling

Endinburgh (a damn beautiful city, though I'm told Glasgow is where the action is). ... No money in the institution, so won't


But then this is an inner city, musically kewl audience so, you know, we know he isn't Johnny Cash (and he's already told us h

Social Network Project

They presented an idea last year for what was basically an internal web site that would help Parks Vic staff who go on interna