I Need a Method

Today as I was working, with small things taking much longer (as always) as you think they will, and then thinking about the t

Maps, Making, Korsakow

The keyword list sort of helps, and you can do it yourself pretty easily on a bit of paper, but my advice will be to think of

New Reader Arrived

, Video Vortex Reader II: Moving Images Beyond YouTube, Inc (Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2011). ... Looks like


Caitlin has a cheat sheet from my essay on Softvideography (the third required reading ). I'm not sure it lets you know wh

Lo Fi

I mean work that uses available technology (in film I would include an insistence on available lighting, sync sound, even shoo

Copy And Paste

Remember this, there's an edit menu and if you can select it, you can copy and paste it. ... So as I showed in some classes t

Down and Dirty With Korsakow

I'm not sure it is a game but it certainly is a thing that lets you build something with rules, that you have to play, and eac

Up to Date With Korsakow

Some of you are using versions of Korsakow that were already on a computer, possibly even RMIT leased laptops, that are at lea

Not Working

Sophie has thumbnail notes from the second lecture, which just reminds me that it really didn't make a lot of sense. Alene

Not Waving, Drowning

There is a broad variety of work being produced and at this point the big thing is to recognise the differences (good, bad, an


The industrial side is not only that you divide things into stages with different people and so on, but that it employs many s

Self Inflicted

One week, three separate lots of x-rays, 3 visits to casualty and 2 GP sessions later it is agreed that there is an "undisplac