It is early days yet but the better ideas presented have all used a simple structure or idea, something easily repeatable, tha

Narrative Views

A murder is a very definite event , which can become the focus or hub of a work like this, but if there is little ambiguity a

The World is In Here With Us

Jason realises that what I talk about has a life outside of the ivory tower. Most only realise this after graduating, so it

Them Hats. Again

Peter tries hats in Facebook . Also something like reviewbasics would be interesting for this too.

Untitled 5

Alene has a good post linking Barthes, the writerly, and k-films. This way of seeing how the theory can help to understan

Bookmarks for April 14th through April 27th

These are my links for April 14th through April 27th: Twine: a tool for creating interactive stories – Had forgotten abo


So with Easter and broken bones, and assessment across two subjects, am a long way behind on a lot of other things. Making i

From the Windows

Well when I decide that my tiny annual subscription to The Age is not worth my $55 (I don't think it is worth that right now a

A Check List

Print it off, tick it off. I have checked that it works properly online (via my website) I have checked that the URL I

Korsakow Kapers

Ruth 'fesses up to forgetting stuff (which is why doing it again and again is needed, this is not explcit knowledge, it is no

Korsakow Export Problems

It is hard to find anything consistent as a cause but the following strategies have worked in all but two cases that I know of

Softly on Softvideo

Verity has some notes about the softvideo reading , indicating how it is relevant to the k-films we are all working on.