From the Windows

Twitter remains an amazing source of information. I don’t use it often, but each time I survey those I’ve subbed to I find humour, useful news, and links to important stuff. This morning from those I follow I find this really fascinating design scenario around ‘camera futura‘. It is a seriously interesting proposition, and what I really like, and makes this useful to me as a teacher and academic, is that it is scenario based thinking. Speculative, imaginary, yet clearly makes propositions. Just like an essay does. (I often try to get students to recognise that outside of the model of the exegetical essay which they have been thoroughly and deeply acculurated to there are other modes of making knowledge claims). Then this post about ‘getting serious about reimagining learning in the digital age‘. While dealing with the US context it is on the money, and highly relevant to universities with a good quote about assessment and accountability regimes and next generation assessment. Ticks lots of boxes that one. Finally, there’s ‘flattr‘, which is a nice name. A micropayment service that lets you simply add a button to your stuff to let people make micropayments to you, for your stuff. From back in the mid ’60s Ted Nelson had a vision for micropayments, and why it mattered. We are now moving there. This is the beginning of simply catastrophic change for industrial media. Why? Well when I decide that my tiny annual subscription to The Age is not worth my $55 (I don’t think it is worth that right now actually), and I instead send that money, even as 55 x $1 to 55 other creators I value, the revenue model for industrial media collapses, and a new one arises. The only change I have to make is to recognise that what I spend on purchasing media is merely a habit, and not providing that much value, so rather than just save that money, why not redirect it to those who are making value for me?