Have migrated commentary on Integrated Media student work, and so on, to its own blog. ... Will still discuss Korsakow, onl

Programmatic Non Fiction

I agree with the questions raised about the problematic terminology, and suspect some if it was less a two cultures thing than

The Road Trip, Part Two

For instance, our nicknames come from our names, or something we've done (my favourite example of this was some professional g

A Thought Experiment

Since Richard's already built a logic engine for the story (the relation of the parts) then in, say, week 10 when I might find

DNA Symposium, Self Reflection

As I was doing this, and thinking about how to distil this down into five minutes, I had to this bright flash of intuition whe

Sophie an Ebook Sort of Thing

Initially designed and developed under the auspices of the Institute for the Future of the Book, Sophie is currently being sig

Day Two – DNA Symposium

Vertov, used stillness to demonstrate the power of editing, the potential image where it has potential to lie next to any othe


But once I put that gun in a sequence (body on the floor /cut/ gun_ we are able to think of it as having significance in relat

Day One

There's been some commentary via Twitter ( #dnasymposium ) and my feeling at the moment is that a) the first day has been a bi

The Road Trip – Part One

Yes, it was on my list, but as I had not packed all my tech stuff the night before in the rushed morning I didn't use the list

Bookmarks for April 29th through May 11th

These are my links for April 29th through May 11th: 500 Internal Server Error – 500 Internal Server Error 500 Internal S

The Everyday

One of the small but big changes we are playing with this semester is to think through how a semi-formal, everyday video makin