Lots of ways to make a k-film. At this point for those who are a bit lost my advice is:

  1. choose a simple idea
  2. the idea must be a simple process or activity that can be repeated
  3. do it, a lot
  4. collate, and then
  5. curate (judge, group) what you collect
  6. see what, if anything needs to be changed, and shoot some more
  7. build (which you can begin from step 5)

Lindsay’s group have a character as their ‘thing’. Matilda et al are simply finding/looking/being light sources – where does light come from/what things does light come from? Celine begins one way, but is shown that it can just get too complicated (certainly at this point) to make a strict rule governed work, so casts about for other possibilities. Jess threw out Plan A, just gathered out of interest (which works surprisingly well if you try it) and in collaboration finds a path. Alene’s group has a character which provides the theme, while Abbie and co are also exploring light. Not surprising when you want to take the idea of filming in itself seriously – as filming is absolutely about painting, finding, unveiling and revelling in light.