A Small List of Small Irritants

Men who sit on the train, legs astraddle, their one and a half seats an acknowledgement of their imagined masculine enormity.

The Season

Two days off sick, with an ill household to boot. Short work days to juggle kinder, doctor’s appointments, collecting po


His ride in the time trial bought a tear to my eye, finally some things have fallen his way. ... He has raced amongst so many

His Glasses

Almost snug under his adam's apple, nestled there signalling the need to wear glasses, but hiding how exactly they could be pu

Sick Laptop

Alas, the new laptop has had major performance problems. Dropped ethernet connections, very very slow, preferences going pear

The Drawer

Sometimes he needed to wrap all of desire's broiling tumescence in barbed wire to carefully hide it in that small, slightly ti

Public Transport

Dark grey sloppy joe that managed the sloppy well. Lighter track suit pants, feet sweeping the platform through other peopl


Quick check on my new laptop (I had asked for iLife 11 to be part of the install but wasn't sure if it was) and my version o

Marking Assesses What?

Once there is a grade the learning is deeply distorted as this becomes the default value system (when was the last time you he


Wintered sky sharpened by her consorting mizzle. His umbrella ploughed it’s furrowed path, forlorn in our suburban silen


Blogpress is the iPad app that I’ve found that seems to do an OK job of letting me post, write on and offline, add image

Her leg

The boot, black and I expect leather, wrapped itself around her calf. One leg of the wool tights speckled her smooth leg with