Sweet and Sour

Chalk it up to losing things, after all as anyone with children (of any age, I suspect) knows there is a lot of stuff, and it

She’s a Moaner

So, my first immediate scratched on an iPad impressions: cocksure, a cinema of attractions, irreverent, masculine, monumental

My Principles of Using Technology in Education

These technologies are a paradigm shift, I think we are very lucky to be here for it (since the last one as big as this was th

This Has Solved a Problem For Me

I use Papers for journal articles, Kindle for books I buy from Amazon, and am thinking about iBooks for pdfs that are bo

Catching Up, Again

From the release notes: We are very pleased to announce the release of Korsakow 5.0.5, which sees the introduction of some ne

Call for Proposals: D|N|A Post Symposium Publication

We see this type of content management in wiki projects where edits and changes are corrected, tracked and traced, preserving

What Do I Want?

There seem to be a few nifty looking Tiltshift apps (for example this one ), but as with so much video on the web the apps a

One For The Archive

Yesterday was a day, well, it did not inspire much confidence in one’s life skills (and let’s face it, it’s

Web Video Survey

Even aside from that problem, why of all the online video services that existed at the same time as YouTube so many want to us

A Tunnel and a Suit

Actually, I don't know anything about suits, so that isn't, strictly speaking, true. ... On the phone on a peak hour train, t