A New Game?

YouTube, inspite of some developments around 'deep linking' still treats video as a particular sort of artefact - there is not

HTML 5 Video Resources Page

Starting to collect links about HTML 5, and all the rest on this site in the " Resources " section. Need somewhere to park t

Video Vortex 8 Details

But for others, this should be an excellent event: Video Vortex #8 The Politics, Cultures and Art of Online Video The Museum

The Afternoon Tea

My 5 minutes was general and mainly used to set up some context and a frame for how a re-appropriation of the post industrial


I had wanted to write about taking the country train to the city. ... Marks me with the grey of thinking I was never like tha

Making Little Academics

We were all excellent students, we pretty much already (in most cases) identified with the values of the university, which as

Just a Riff (Teaching Your Elites)

Most of my peers, as with most of my students, don't get 'theory' in the way we academics do, but we teach it as if they shoul

Video Vortex 8

Zagreb, Croatia, 17, 18, 19 May 2012. That's the only news so far.

ToS in Plain English

In a nutshell they suck, and while FaceBook draws all the ire things are no better here. ... I could probably live with this


He had spent too much of his life finding fault. Dissatisfied frustrated and ashamed that he could not hear its poetry.

Revisiting YouTube and Deep Links

It's lazy thinking and keeps video online from being reimagined, reinvented, remade. when viewing a YouTube clip you can't s