Draft: Korsakow and Affect (2)

Here I take the movement image and the sensory motor schema and use it to think about Korsakow films: This tripartite series

Matt and Florian, Update

In my haste yesterday I didn't actually provide a link to the interview with Matt about how he become involved with Korsakow

Time, Rather than Space?

(Yes, there is spatial hypertext which deliberately spatialises relations, but that's a special case, though perhaps also prob

From my Delicious: INTERMEDIATED: The ’74s — Intermedia production stream, Department of Communication Studies, Concordia University

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Matt and Florian

This is an interview with Matt Soar (Concordia, and the Adventures in Research Creation project ) about how he first found ab

Bergson, Affect, Korsakow

More significantly, while all films contain a mix of these three large forms Deleuze argues that: “a film, at least in its m

Authentic Self Assessemnt: A Protocol

Have added a draft of an essay that outlines a self assessment protocol for the evaluation of a student's own participation wi

2011 Student Films Up

Only 17 this time around, not actually certain how many are being made just now. As with the 2010 work, a widely varying b

Otto and Bernard

" Otto and Bernard " is an example of the next generation of interactive online video that as far as I can tell is using the s


Viddy is a mobile app front end into a socialised web service back end. ... Sort of all I want or need to say about it reall

Affective Media

From Hannah Brasier , an honours student I am supervising (we're working in Korsakow): How do I conceive of and make a slow


And yesterday according to Sunniva I said "A shot has always been a lego brick. You can join it to anything."