Repost: Post Industrial Media Education? ebook

Reposting this free ebook as while it is in 32 iTunes Stores there are places on the planet where you can’t get it because it isn’t in their iTunes Store. (Don’t know why, I asked for it to be in all, it is.)

So, i lieu of iTunes download, here’s a direct link:

Screen Shot 2012-07-04 at 2.29.13 PM.png The first iBook ‘pamphlet’ out of the post industrial media mob here at RMIT is now out in the wilds. With contributions from Stuart Moulthrop, Adrian Miles, Allan James Thomas, Glen Donnar, Jessica Noske-Turner, Laurene Vaughan, Leo Berkeley, Lisa French, Marius Foley, Paul Ritchard, and Seth Keen. The models is lightweight and agile. An informal themed symposium, five minute presentations, these become 1000 word essays, edited and curated via iBooks or similar for free distribution. Hoping to do other epub formats in near future. For the locals, this earns 0 on the research metrics we are managed by, so treat this as my ‘fuck you’. Quick, free, get it out there, we have all the tools right here to make, write, argue, enable change. You know the rest.

URL you ask: