What Is it With Internatioal Sporting Bodies?

Off topic for a moment. The international governing body for cycling, the UCI, is as thoroughly incompetent as many other international sporting bodies (FIFA anyone, or the glory days of the IOC?). Right now they are suing Paul Kimmage, a former cyclist turned journalist and fearless chaser of the questions that sports journalists have traditionally never asked (they love their sport more than the truth, sporting journalists) for ‘defamation’. Which is almost an oxymoron when it comes to the UCI. This is from one of the best cycling blogs going:

Note the UCI won’t sue Tyler Hamilton, Daniel Coyle and Random House despite similar claims in “The Secret Race”. In choosing Kimmage but not Coyle this risks appearing to be a personal vendetta against someone who has been a consistent critic of the UCI. Kimmage been right and fearless for a quarter of a century. He deserves an apology from the UCI, not a lawsuit.

I particularly like the last sentence. A defence fund has sprung up for Paul Kimmage, which is becoming a grass roots rallying point for fans as way to put their money where their frustration is. I’ve kicked in $20, these people need to be nailed to a hairpin on Alpe d’Huez, just by the Dutch corner, to be pilloried each July. What is it with these bodies, seems you need to graft and buy favours to rise producing a thick culture of despotic nepotism, it’s feudalism in an age of federation.