I’m Obviously Off the Meds (A Panel at Visible Evidence)

I was working up to ask a question come more or less say "the emperor's got no clothes on" but as I was working up the courage

Praying Mantis on hat

Praying Mantis on hat, a photo by vogmae on Flickr. Hopped on while moving the lawn.

Reprise: Interpreting Forward

In this particular case this decision is the users, but in relation to interpreting the work, that is its hermeneutics, we

Glitch Passion of Joan of Arc

Passion of Joan of Arc Glitch from adrianmiles on Vimeo.

An Administrative Email I Had to Send

There's an explanation below, but the financial wheels of the credit system have ground to a halt and in spite of our best int

The Risk of Beginning From Poor Examples

It is also an intriguing project in relation to how and what it says about place, and while the locals might not like it, f

Interpreting Forward

We always wonder not "why do I see this clip after the one before" but "what is the relation between this clip and those thumb

ANU University House List

wood ducks, white (or sulphur crested) cockatoos, rainbow lorikeets, king parrots, gang gangs, eastern rosella, little wattle

The Disappointment of the Moment Not Taken

Showed movies while I talked, this made it too hard for audience to follow as I was asking them to manage two streams at the s

Affect and Documentary

During the first day at Visible Evidence a recurring trope or motif that I'm certainly noticing is around affect, what Betti

The Three Things That Matter If You Work In the Network

This is the proposition I'll be riffing from at a symposium tomorrow in Canberra around digital documentary, audiences, and re

Emerging Documentary Practices

This is the accepted abstract for the 'emerging documentary practices' session I'm on this coming week in Canberra at Visible